About Us
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Values - For the Customer

We offer a personalized and courteous service to all our customers. “Service is our profession.”
Group Dar’s reputation is achieved partly by the punctuality in which we deliver our products and services.
We are distinguished by the attention we give our customers but also because we have the widest product range in the market - products for all occasions and necessities.
Grupo Dar stresses the importance of our customer’s total satisfaction which would not have the same effect if any of our products, services, or actions did not have the expected quality and market competitiveness. For that reason, we strongly believe this is the most important quality to being number one in the industry.

Values - For theEmployee

Employee punctuality in every activity (whether business or personal) is what makes us different. Thus it constitutes the platform to achieve the desired progress and success as a person or organization.
Efficiency means to be the best by always trying to reach the goal using the maximum optimization of the resources available.
Organization means to do our activities in a precise and systematic order to guarantee the highest quality and the same level of efficiency in our work.
That which each employee provides to make Grupo Dar the best company for suspension and steering parts. Confidence is conveyed to our customers from our personnel via all the services and products we supply.