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Grupo Dar bases its leadership in the market by offering automotive products and services with the highest quality and diversity in suspension and steering auto parts. In addition, our goal is to satisfy the necessities of our customers by providing them with personalized attention. Customers are our most important element and our reason for existence.

Grupo Dar considers every product or service provided as a unique opportunity to satisfy every individual´s needs. Employees are trained to provide customer service with values such as courtesy, efficiency, punctuality and quality.

Leadership in the automotive parts industry and the constant growth of Grupo Dar are synonymous with the efficiency and the continuous effort of all our personnel. This is what makes Grupo Dar a leader in the total satisfaction of customers.

Personalized attention and technical support for all our products is Grupo Dar´s philosophy. We are the Mexican national company that offers competitive pricing, the maximum level of quality, and a total guarantee against manufactural defects.